Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

Deficiency Mix #5 by Elusive3000: Mis Defizit a Seich vom Flohmärit

After a little timeout, the Deficiency Mixes are finally back and I have the pleasure to announce that Deficiency Mix #5 is the first deficient mix on here by another deficient mind than my own.

The deficient delinquent is none other than the ominous Elusive3000 who has rocketed straight out of the grimey jungle onto the fleamarket to present the dazzled crowd a selection from his worst beautiful 'trouvailles'.

Enjoy, and have fun deciphering the tracklist (if you can read swiss german)!


1. D Wix-Hymne
2. Schnipps - D Macht (Tubu Mix)
3. Seel zu Seel - Zrügg iz Läbä
4. Kunscht vom Krach - Äs Momäntli vor Liebi
5. Ängerling - Dr Orinoco Schtrom
6. I blibä hüt im Bett Interlüd
7. Dr Herbert Hanäschwanz - Zuekunfts Schock Megamix
8. Neinei Chirschi - Püffu schtanzä (Da isch nüt fautsch am Mixer!)
9. D Euro-Rhythmikär - Süässi Tröim
10. Techno u so - Stang uf (Tubu Mix)
11. D Jassgruppä vom DMX - Willi dr Erobärär
12. Giu, unbekannt - z'Ungerobsi (Tubu Mix)
13. Dä mit m Fisch - Auäs woni bruchä isch ä chli Liäbi (scho wider Tubu Mix)
14. D Olivä - Du bisch de nid äleini
15. D Zwillingä vom Ragga - Ä cheibä gueti Zyt
16. Zuäkunftsmusig vo London - Bi dä Iigeborene z Papua (Tubu Mix - scho wider?!)
17. Dr Rebällä MC - Rhüthmus vo Cockney
18. Kunta Kinte Tubu Plattä
.... und no äs paar anderi, nid zitierbari Trouvaille...

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

Deficiency Mix #4: Deficiency of Housing

It's about time for the fourth installment of the deficiency mixes.

In this mix I deal with my long-time aversion, if not disgust, towards the house scene, as well as the conflict arising from the fact that, then as now, I enjoy listening to a lot, and I mean a LOT of music that would never have come to exist without the major force that is House Music.

So this is it, my deficient version of a soulful freestyle house-vibe. mixed with 2 mk2s, an ecler nuo2 and some old vinyl (as were the previous mixes).

Includes sketchy mixes to provide the occasional gap in your space-time continuum.

Download & listen by clicking one of the pics below:

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

Deficiency Mix #3: Mitternachtsmusik


the third deficiency mix just happened recently when i decided to put on some music after everyone else had gone to sleep. it contains various different pieces of what i'd personally consider to be 'midnight music', that i rather clashed than mixed with each other. but listen for yourself...

and here's the tracklist for this:

01 wayne shorter - the three marias
02 kenny rogers - living with you
03 frederic chopin / vlado perlemuter - fantasie in f minor l, op. 49
04 blackdown - crackle blues
05 dollar brand - black lightning
06 marvin gaye - rockin after midnight
07 turk murphy's jazz band - the torch
08 björk - joga
09 kode 9 - magnetic city
10 edvard grieg / peter katin & the london philharmonic orch. - piano concerto in a minor, op. 16
11 keith jarrett - köln concert
12 burial - archangel
13 forensix - solace
14 malhalia jackson - in the garden
15 ani difranco - lag time
16 isaac hayes - running out of fools
17 jimi hendrix - my friend
18 mike oldfield - north star / platinum finale
19 the king cole trio - the man i love / this way out
20 wayne shorter - on the eve of departure
21 burial - endorphin

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Deficiency Mix #2 - My Deficiency of Pills

Dearest deficitary friends,

Here's the second Deficiency Mix for you. In this mix I'm taking a journey way back to when I was a young boy and discovered this beautifully twisted electronic sound they used to call Acid Techno or Progressive Techno back then. 

So this here is really just me going through some of those records, mostly german, dutch and italian releases, from back in 95/96. These are the tunes that had me discover my love for bleeps and squelches. Enjoy b-low!

Tracklist: My Deficiency of Pills

01 rude 66 - do one-legged ducks swim in circles /djax-up-beats
02 dj skull - acid wizz "L" /djax - acv
03 robert armani - frozen /acv
04 braincell - feedback /harthouse frankfurt
05 roland casper - jerk /axodya
06 dj misjah & dj tim - scrumble /x-trax
07 beroshima - unplugged: that side /acid orange
08 roland casper - understanding /junkfood
09 cari lekebush - fragment /loop
10 richard bartz - silversaug /kurbel
11 steve poindexter - let's work that motherf..... /saber - k7
12 kinki roland - krasnojark 26 /eidechse
13 dj misjah & groovehead - acid energy /x-trax
14 christian vogel - bite & scratch (joey beltram remix) /tresor
15 navario sauro - aj 37 viggen /scandinavia
16 frequency funk - equivalent /djax-up-beats
17 k-alexi - rush /acv
18 wink - higher state of consciousness (original tweakin acid funk mix) /manifesto
19 acid junkies - coal heaters suck /djax-up-beats
20 robert görl - insekter /diskoh b
21 dash - buzz /djax-up-beats
22 dj misjah & dj tim - access /x-trax
23 mike dearborn - move /acv
24 jiri ceiver - osiac (vogel's funky sola mix) /harthouse
25 acid junkies - ride that horse, slut /djax-up-beats

Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

Deficiency Mix #1 - My Deficiency of Limits

So, here's #1 of the Deficiency Mixes. It's entitled My Deficiency of Limits and that's what it's about: Crossing all borders without hesitation or regrets.

I hope you'll enjoy this rollercoaster ride! Download it by clicking on the pic below vvv

And here's the tracklist:

01 ty - the willing
02 second protocol ft. mc fats - 2 day (original breakbeat science mix)
03 gamma - izwah
04 drago obric - sad je vrijeme da drukcije zivim
05 disco classics - hooked on bach
06 nastee boi - durrrtyya
07 led zeppelin - gallows pole
08 the cure - the hanging garden
07 unknown - mad chanting
08 l.o.n.s. - bass is loaded
09 björk - jupiter
10 quintessence - never
11 saian supa cru ft. kymany marley - rise
12 pink floyd - on the run
13 david bowie - ricochet
14 jimi hendrix - straight ahead
15 flying lotus - gng bng
16 rockers hi-fi - sunshine of your love
17 hkb finn - audio lotion
18 dwight trible & the life force trio - waves of infinite harmony
19 ella fitzgerald - goody goody
20 sizzla - ever so nice
21 janis joplin & full tilt boogie band - ball & chain
22 roots manuva - rebel heart
23 michael jackson - bad
24 devil mcdoom - cafone going
25 emmylou harris - today i started loving you again
26 georges moustaki - chanson pour elle
27 jacques brel - ne m'quitte pas
28 björk - all is full of love 

The Deficiency Mixes: Introduction


This is the official spot where I will host The Deficiency Mixes.

Those mixes are to be created (for a start) by me oh my unfinished from bebebeetown switzalaan.
The Deficiency Mixes will feature a stylistic range from house music, across oldskool acid techno, to rock, funk, blues, disco, punk, new wave, bassline, chanson... >put style of your preference< >dublicate previous item< >dublicate previous item<

The Deficiency mix project is supposed to be an open project for everyone with or without skill and taste, but who has the guts and bock drauf JA! to put in there mustard or mayonaise. So if you feel like making a mix that is stylistically farfar away from what you usually play, feel free to do so and send it to me ( djunfinished*At"HotmAiL*dot"cOm ). I will post all Deficiency Mixes I receive right HERE! 

fuck the hate love the creators each and all!!!!